Ritu (hellishutopia) wrote in desirock,

okay, it isn't rock... but....

My friend Prita is a singer. We met in our crappy hometown of Orlando, FL through a mutual friend and she's currently living in Montreal and making music. She just put out an LP. It's a poppy sound. She started out less poppy and more.. folk-y? While the sound is poppy, the songs themselves are very emotional. The clips on her website don't quite do the songs justice. I have been a big supporter of her music, but when I heard the clips of her EP, I hesitated to give her feedback, because I thought I would not like her new sound. But I got a copy of her EP from her mom, and have been listening to it non-stop! If any of you have been searching for an indian artist you can relate to and if you actually like pop and rnb... (I was so excited when I heard about Raghav and Jay Sean for the simple fact that they were desi... but then I heard their music..) check her out! Myspace link: http://www.myspace.com/pritarocks
or her website.

She's unique and talented. And I might be slightly biased because I'm her friend, but I've been listening to her EP nonstop for three days, so it can't ALL be my bias. For reference, the music I like is stuff like John Legend, Tracy Chapman, India Arie, Jewel, Fiona Apple...
If you like stuff like that, you might like Prita. Her EP is titled Spread the Word. If you know anyone who might be into her... SPREAD THE WORD.
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